Security is every homeowner’s concern. They think about everything from wondering if the doors are locked at night to having windows secured and installing a security system. However, not all homeowners think about their garage door as a place in the home that can easily be breached. That is why homeowners should take extra precaution in securing this area, including shopping for new garage door openers.

Homeowners can protect themselves from the possibility of a home invasion by using one of many methods, including purchasing the best opener for the garage door. One effective way to secure the home’s garage is to install an opener with a rolling code. Rolling codes have been used since the 1990s and offer homeowners a secure option. This type of technology changes transmitter codes every time the garage door is used, offering about 1 million possible code options. With so many different codes, it is less likely a thief can easily hack the system.

In addition to the garage door opener, homeowners can install a security system. This system does not have to be the best of the best; it just needs to deter would-be thieves. Simple door sensors can do that. These sensors set off an alarm when the door is opened, scaring away any intruders. Silent alarms are another great option. These trigger an alarm when the door is opened or tampered with, sending a signal to a remote monitor that alerts the authorities. Either of these methods help keep the home secure and can deter outsiders from trying to break into the home through the garage.

Sometimes, homeowners get so busy they forget to close the garage door. Some openers have built-in security features that alert homeowners when the door has been opened for extended periods of time. Monitoring systems through smartphone apps alert homeowners when the door is opened or closed, as well as allow the door to be closed remotely. This is a great option when you want to monitor the garage from inside the home or when you’re away.

Garage door openers with keypads outside of the garage can offer easy access to the home without the need to carry keys or have the opener in hand. However, they offer an extra opportunity for would-be thieves to get into the home. Prevent a security breach via an outdoor pad by keeping the code a secret. Also, change it regularly. Most homeowners change the code to their outdoor keypad annually; some change it quarterly.

Homeowners can take other security measures when they want to add extra security to their garage. Installing a reinforced steel or solid wood door will help deter intruders. Eliminating any easily accessible openings, such as windows or more than one extra door, will eliminate alternative access into the home. If removing the window or door is not an option, cover it with a curtain and add double locks to secure it shut.

The garage serves as a place where homeowners store their cars, tools, sporting equipment and anything else they want to keep secure but away from the main part of the house. Garages also serve as an entryway into the home. Therefore, it is important to keep this part of the home secure and resistant to invaders.