Homeowners often spend a lot of time maintaining and upgrading their home, but garage doors are sometimes overlooked when it comes time for home improvement projects. However, replacing and upgrading your garage door with a higher-quality version can help you improve your home’s appearance, security, energy efficiency and value. The range of benefits that comes from changing out your old doors for new ones is vast and can save you time and money, both as you enjoy your home and when it’s time to sell.

Brighten up your home’s appearance

A wide range of options are available to customize the way your new garage doors look, from the color to the trim and window details. If your old garage door was a standard model used by your home developer, changing your garage door out can help tailor your home’s overall appearance to match your personal style preferences. Older homes can be rejuvenated by replacing a worn-out wooden garage door with a new metal or fiberglass version. Best of all, upgrading your garage door adds to your home’s curb appeal, improving its value to potential home buyers when and if you decide to sell.

Reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs

Many garage doors, particularly those in older homes, are not well-insulated against the elements. In winter, these poorly insulated doors will let heat escape, while your air conditioner will be forced to work overtime during the hot summer months. This effect is only magnified if you have a room such as a bedroom or an office above your garage. By replacing your old garage door with a new energy-efficient version, you can realize significant savings on your monthly home energy bills.

Improve your home’s security

Your garage door serves as another entry point to your home, and while this can be convenient for you and your family, it can also become a way for unwanted intruders to enter your house. Choosing a new garage door with security features such as a keypad entry, an auto-raise remote control, and sturdy and insulated construction can help provide added protection for your family and your belongings.

Save time on maintenance

Older garage doors can end up taking a lot of time and effort to properly maintain their appearance. If your current garage door is wooden, you might find that you often need to paint or re-stain it. Newer garage doors made of steel or fiberglass often require much less maintenance to stay looking new throughout the year.

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