The story behind Family Christian Doors

In 1998, owner Brandon Bailey started servicing garage doors with one of the now largest garage door service companies in the United States. After inviting Jesus Christ into his life to be his Lord and Savior in 2000, Brandon’s desires started to shift. In 2003, he left the company and started Family Christian Doors. “I wanted people to know who we are and what we’re about,” comments Brandon.

After starting with one customer, Family Christian Doors now has performed thousands of jobs throughout the metroplex and beyond. “It’s been such a joy taking care of our customers. Having an opportunity to be a part of their lives has been a great blessing,” says Brandon. Family Christian Doors strives to give personalized attention to fulfill every customer’s needs, offering lower prices than the large companies, more options, and establishing a relationship beyond business. Join us in helping make Family Christian Doors a household name, serving others for years to come!